Guns. Simple as that.

No politics. No stereotypes. No presumptions, assumptions, or egghead studies.

No wanna-be basement-dwelling ‘tough guys’ who are surrounded by old and defunct issues of ‘Soldier of Fortune’ magazine, or freakshow apocalyptic sycophants of Alex Jones, puppets of Glenn Beck, or statist/progressive/liberal/Democrat/fascist/socialist jackasses. Not here. Not ever.

Guns. Gun culture. Guns.

Here at Gun Culture. Unapologetic., we will be looking at guns, gun blogs, gun reviews, gun writers, gun issues, gun porn (yes, it’s out there, but it isn’t what you think), and gun culture as a whole.


Leave your politics at the door, kindly take off your boots, and step inside. I’d like to talk about all the things we know of that are related to guns, if you don’t mind.

–Sunday 21 April 2013