“Why guns?” Um…why NOT guns?

Okay, listen. I could rant on and on and hypothesize and speculate and blah blah blah, but here’s the deal:

Why do people like guns? Why shouldn’t people like guns?, is the question.

I know, I know, guns are constantly vilified and hated and all that, thanks to the efforts of a few mentally unstable jackasses of recent note. I get that.

But damn. Guns are so much more than what the gun-haters think of them.

Why do I like guns? Simple. They require discipline, practice, knowledge, familiarity, patience, education, wisdom, and respect. Guns, then, to me, are perfect. They fulfill all my character desires and needs, outside of carnal and parental. (knowhuti’msayin’?)

Anyhoos. I honestly believe that if the folks who hate guns, for no other reason than to resurrect the dead who have been killed by madmen, would come with me one day to the local shooting range and experience the thrill of the shot, the patience of the technique, the discipline of the grip and the squeeze, the smell of the carbide, the minor pain in the shoulder at the end of the day, the muffled sound of gun blasts through the protective earmuffs, and the paper target with the holes as evidence of their abilities…well…they would change their minds. Just sayin’.